Definition of orthotic in English:



  • Relating to orthotics.

    • ‘Once her feet stopped growing, she wore an orthotic insert in her left shoe to help her balance.’
    • ‘While a camcorder, jewellery, money and CDs were among the hoard taken by thieves, most shocking of all was the theft of his dance bag containing his specially made orthotic dance shoes.’
    • ‘Methods of external ankle support include tape or cloth wrapping, and use of orthotic devices and high-top shoes.’
    • ‘According to uncontrolled studies, use of orthotic devices can reduce stress fractures and provide positive outcomes in 70 to 80 percent of injured runners, but these results remain controversial.’
    • ‘A doctor can diagnose over-pronation and prescribe orthotic shoe inserts, which can often mean the difference between success and failure with exercise.’
    • ‘Custom orthotic devices can address biomechanical issues in your feet, but if you're looking for a cheap fix at the local pharmacy, Julien suggests an arch support.’
    • ‘Many problems can be resolved through exercise, but John also makes orthotic insoles that can correct the way you walk.’
    • ‘You'd do just as well buying a prefabricated orthotic insert from a drug store as having one custom made.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the outcomes in the surgical group were superior to the outcomes in those who received orthotic therapy or no treatment.’
    • ‘Two days before Christmas the concerns were finally alleviated by special orthotic inner soles after Nadal made a visit to Nike's headquarters in Oregon.’
    • ‘Gibbons said he designs custom orthotic devices or inserts after conducting a thorough biomechanical exam and making a model of the foot, to craft a device that will help the foot sit properly.’
    • ‘Nearly 62 patients have regained certain degree of mobility of their limbs and free prosthetic and orthotic appliances have been given to all the needy patients.’
    • ‘No biomechanical assessment is complete without checking the patient's shoes for appropriateness and wear and examining any orthotic devices.’
    • ‘In addition, the physiatry staff should be consulted about developing a customized off-loading orthotic device for Mrs R's right foot.’
    • ‘An orthopaedic surgeon, psychiatrist, orthotic and prosthetic engineers, ophthalmologists and ENT specialists are in the team.’
    • ‘Try store-shelf or podiatrist-made orthotic inserts, which can reduce both blisters and biomechanics-related injuries.’
    • ‘His orthotic research and locomotor assessment unit at Oswestry established the telemetric recording of energy consumption as the arbiter of efficiency in walking orthoses and joint replacement surgery.’
    • ‘Many of the concepts behind plantar pressure modeling and pressure-relieving orthotic design are also applicable to body-seat interface modeling and support surface development.’
    • ‘For her feet, he recommended orthotic shoe inserts.’
    • ‘Physicians should continually educate their patients about the proper care of a neuropathic foot and the use of orthotic devices or custom footwear.’


  • An artificial support or brace for the limbs or spine.

    • ‘Patients can then be fitted for extra-depth shoes with custom insoles or orthotics to accommodate any residual deformity.’
    • ‘Would it be to my advantage to invest in an orthotic?’
    • ‘Patients who lack protective sensation and who have a history of foot deformity, ulceration, or amputation of any part of the foot should be referred to a podiatrist for an evaluation for special shoes or orthotics.’
    • ‘The orthotic also allowed her to wear two shoes that were the same size, even though her feet were of different size and shape.’
    • ‘If you have a history of serious foot problems, it's smart to see a podiatrist who can fit you with custom-made orthotics.’
    • ‘‘Think of it as eyeglasses for your feet, because no two feet are the same,’ says Goldston, whose San Diego-based Doctors' Foot Laboratories builds custom orthotics.’
    • ‘This way, when they become worn out or do not provide enough cushioning or support, they can be replaced by more appropriate insoles or orthotics.’
    • ‘I did have one serious problem with my knee but that was a result of wearing ill-fitting orthotics.’
    • ‘They also perform biomechanical analysis, assess your gait and make orthotics as needed.’
    • ‘A thorough podiatric examination will reveal any problems and, if appropriate, a prescription orthotic may be recommended.’
    • ‘A device worth mentioning from a point of caution is the ‘morthotic,’ or ‘mail order orthotic.’’
    • ‘I've seen photos of everything from cutting-edge hamster treadmills to state-of-the-art orthotics.’
    • ‘For cycling, you need a full-length orthotic, and, yes, you should ask about ‘their techniques.’’
    • ‘If the foot is flexible, orthotics designed to correct the pronated position may help unload the forefoot and reduce compensatory digital deformities.’
    • ‘He then uses those measurements to design and manufacture a thermoplastic orthotic which, when placed between horse and saddle, evenly and comfortably distributes the rider's weight to prevent the formation of sores.’
    • ‘Dive into the colossal family shoe heap to locate missing orthotic.’
    • ‘I suppose if I wanted to splurge on orthotics I could make the case that I'm fit for military duty, but… I conveniently will take my insoles out.’
    • ‘All patients were continuing to have pain and instability despite initial use of an orthotic and a rehabilitation program for a mean duration of 4.9 months.’
    • ‘A single taping treatment is much less expensive than an over-the-counter arch support or an orthotic.’
    • ‘A study that combined conservative management and removable orthotics in 140 consecutive patients reports better overall results than studies of operative repairs.’