Definition of orthographical in English:



  • See orthography

    • ‘How many designers today would be capable of writing the kind of detailed editorial and orthographical style guide that Spencer produced for Lund Humphries, Typographica's printer?’
    • ‘With him scientific scholarship really began, and his work covered the wide range of grammatical, etymological, orthographical, literary, and textual criticism.’
    • ‘Personal names are part of any language and obey most of its general rules, whether phonological, morphological, syntactic, orthographical or semantic.’
    • ‘Letters display the kind of orthographical and punctuational errors that one is supposed to have left behind by the tenth grade.’
    • ‘I will not offer any criticism of the sentiments or idiom of this stanza, for what irked me was the word ‘flippertigibbets,’ which seemed an unnecessary orthographical variation intended only to catch attention it did not deserve.’