Definition of orthogonality in English:



  • See orthogonal

    • ‘The assumption of orthogonality seems to present the fewest difficulties at present.’
    • ‘These ‘Givens rotations’ are a natural perturbation because they preserve the orthogonality of the principal components.’
    • ‘In DB97-13 the orthogonality of the partial great circle girdle with respect to the lineation supports the above interpretation of the apparent symmetry in the c-axis pattern.’
    • ‘This is a consequence of the independent assortment of chromosomes, which results in approximate orthogonality between unlinked locations in the genome.’
    • ‘When Darboux proved the orthogonality of systems of homofocal ovals, he also showed that ovals provide a geometrical interpretation of the addition theorem and that they constitute the algebraic form of the integral solution.’