Definition of orthogonal projection in English:

orthogonal projection


mass nounEngineering
  • 1A system of making engineering drawings showing several different views of an object at right angles to each other on a single drawing.

    • ‘Again, let [Pi] [theta]: R 2 [arrow right] R denote the orthogonal projection on the line L [theta] through the origin that makes an angle [theta] with the horizontal.’
    • ‘A simple method is proposed to find the orthogonal projection of a given point to the solution set of a system of linear equations.’
    • ‘The hidden neuron is removed by analyzing the orthogonal projection correlations among the outputs of other hidden neurons.’
    1. 1.1count noun A drawing made using orthogonal projection.
      • ‘Vessels were documented in at least two identical orthogonal projections at baseline and follow-up.’
      • ‘Reinhardt, with much intuition but little experimental evidence, used orthogonal projections to illustrate how the tip of a fungal hypha may expand.’