Definition of orthoconic in English:



  • See orthocone

    • ‘Other molluscs are present but less common, including bivalves, scaphopods, orthoconic cephalopods, tentaculitids, and small, indeterminate juvenile ammonoids.’
    • ‘Cephalopod mollusks such as the orthoconic nautiloids patrolled the benthos, in a role as the main macrophagous predator.’
    • ‘Riccardi & Sabattini described Sueroceras, an orthoconic form with reticulate ornament, from the Late Carboniferous of Patagonia.’
    • ‘The apical end is missing, although the remainder of the conch suggests that its shape is orthoconic, and the apical angle may be inferred as being about 15 [degrees].’
    • ‘Conch orthoconic with depressed triangular cross-section; both dorsum and venter of shell with longitudinal ribs, and ventral internal mold smooth.’
    • ‘They were a diverse group, including both short and straight orthoconic (long-shelled) sometimes nearly cylindrical shelled forms.’