Definition of Orphean in English:



Greek Mythology
  • 1Relating to or characteristic of the poet Orpheus, especially in being melodious or entrancing.

    ‘they were entranced by the Orphean skill he displayed’
    • ‘His soul engross'd th' Monopoly of Arts, And thy Orphæan skill could ravish Hearts.’
    • ‘George seems never to have had the potential to be an Orphean poet.’
    • ‘He recognises the mythical, Orphean role that poetry has played in our national conscience and the sense of identity.’
    1. 1.1 Resembling or reminiscent of Orpheus' journey into the underworld.
      ‘an Orphean journey into a kind of underworld of sin’
      • ‘The final section contains a series of poems recalling, sometimes more through title than progression, the Orphean myth.’
      • ‘As he retraces his footsteps on his Orphean journey with Mizuki by his side, a tapestry of human experience unfurls.’
      • ‘As the film's Orphean tale unfolds, a young writer-poet-musician descends into the absinthe-soaked, decadent underworld (Montmartre) in search of ideal love.’