Definition of orogenesis in English:



  • See orogeny

    • ‘In north-west Scotland, for example, the lithosphere thickened during Caledonian orogenesis began to collapse under the influence of gravity from Early Devonian times.’
    • ‘During Variscan orogenesis further deformation and magmatism affected the North Armorican Massif.’
    • ‘This, he suggested, was an intentional mechanism for generating the prodigious amounts of heat necessary for such things as rapid orogenesis, the rapid melting of protoliths, etc.’
    • ‘Two main phases of orogenic activity are recognized: preAndean orogenesis and Andean orogenesis.’
    • ‘Our interpretation, that the clasts are largely derived from the underlying sequence, therefore supports Precambrian orogenesis within the lower parts of the Dalradian.’