Definition of ornithological in English:



  • See ornithology

    • ‘Lear's book of parrots was an immediate success and no doubt had he persevered with his ornithological studies he would have achieved immortality as a new Audubon.’
    • ‘The 56 page introduction is equally thorough, and provides informative synopses of the history of ornithological exploration and the natural history of the Cayman Islands.’
    • ‘While most of these are professional scientists, the AOU welcomes any individual dedicated to the advancement of ornithological science.’
    • ‘Recent ornithological events on the lower Bure marshes, near Yarmouth, have reminded me of my earliest bird-watching days.’
    • ‘Among the many ornithological features observed along the Norfolk coast during the autumn of 1993 was a heavy and prolonged migration of siskins.’