Definition of ornamentally in English:



  • See ornamental

    • ‘The patka or sash worn by both sexes was ornamentally woven with borders and buttis at both ends.’
    • ‘Egrets in their pearly whites would settle ornamentally on the water or arrange themselves on the trees.’
    • ‘With the exception of botanic gardens, ferns were rarely grown ornamentally much before the 1830s.’
    • ‘Known since pre-Columbian times for its yellow latex and laxative properties, P. tomentellus is grown ornamentally and in herbarium collections.’
    • ‘You have seeds from a cedar (genus cedrus), which is not native to the United States but has been planted ornamentally.’
    • ‘On our way back to Karaganda we passed a series of small, ornamentally walled enclosures.’