Definition of Orleanist in English:



  • A person supporting the claim to the French throne of the descendants of the Duke of Orleans (1640–1701), younger brother of Louis XIV, especially Louis Philippe (King of France, 1830–48).

    • ‘A staunch Orleanist, he played a decisive role in convincing Louis-Philippe to accept the crown and later served as president of the Chamber of Deputies from 1832 to 1840.’
    • ‘Bourbons, Orleanists, Bonapartists, and Republicans all struggled to imagine France as a site of glory based on its historic achievements and providential tasks, a mythic ideal of social and religious harmony.’
    • ‘As Joan herself recalled during her trials, while her own village of Domremy was predominantly Orleanist, the nearby village of Maxey was Burgundian in allegiance.’
    • ‘She devoted herself entirely to Prince Talleyrand and acted as his hostess when he became ambassador to London after the Orleanist Louis-Philippe was made king of the French in 1830.’
    • ‘Behind the scenes both Bonapartists and Orleanists saw the opportunity to exploit the mass support that Boulanger's campaign generated and use him as a Trojan Horse for the restoration of their own claimants.’


From French Orléaniste, from Orléans.