Definition of origination in English:



mass noun
  • The beginning or creation of something.

    ‘there are a number of theories on the origination of the name’
    count noun ‘mortgage loan originations were up 15 per cent’
    • ‘Well, there's a 2 percent mortgage insurance premium, and a 2 percent origination fee.’
    • ‘Gene duplications underlie the diversification of genes and the origination of novel gene functions.’
    • ‘Paying attention to our external and internal feelings can help us realize their origination, development and decline.’
    • ‘The company specialises in information architecture, database origination and integration, systems analysis and interface design.’
    • ‘First and last occurrences of fossils seldom record the actual times of origination and extinction.’
    • ‘Where once spams used false origination addresses (spoofing) to fool spam filters they are now using the same trick to fool users with phishing scams.’
    • ‘Subprime originations jumped 42 % to $729 million.’
    • ‘The pathways along the branches reflect the precise history of cell originations.’
    • ‘As Buddhists are fond of saying, there is no independent origination - all things are dependent on other things.’
    • ‘The steep decline in mortgage originations reflected neither weakness in the housing market nor slackening demand from the secondary market.’
    • ‘However, please note that India has become a global leader in digital origination.’