Definition of original Australian in English:

original Australian


  • An Aboriginal person.

    ‘there was a proposal to recognise the original Australians in the nation's founding document’
    • ‘This recognition of the spirituality of others has blossomed till today we can recognise the deep spirituality of our original Australians and see too that we can learn from them.’
    • ‘We have not forgotten that the same man refused to apologise for what white Australians have done to the original Australians.’
    • ‘We make the effort to re-frame our view of the original Australians and show the respect and admiration they deserve.’
    • ‘We all have a very bad conscience about our behaviour towards the original Australians.’
    • ‘Brits, Italians, Croats, Serbs all opened doors and hearts to him, until at last he became the first original Australian to be picked for Australia.’
    • ‘She gets acquainted with modern Sydney's original Australians, whose cultures are undergoing rediscovery.’
    • ‘We have in our arteries the blood of the Original Australians, who have lived in this land for many thousands of years.’
    • ‘This land created the nature of the original Australians.’
    • ‘The most compelling theme in our national history is our failure to grasp the continuing cultural differences between the descendants of the original Australians and the rest of us.’
    • ‘I respect the wonderful art of the original Australians who expressed so much of this country with the simplest materials.’