Definition of orgiastic in English:



  • Of or resembling an orgy.

    ‘orgiastic dancing’
    • ‘The problem was that they were only admitted after the festivities had passed their orgiastic peak.’
    • ‘Disturbing and hellish narratives pour forth from the paintings: gatherings of men where the promise of violence lingers, scenes of orgiastic cannibalism, and lone individuals who fall prey to ‘the mob’.’
    • ‘The chorus responds with a rampage of orgiastic abandon [listen - No 14, Das Tier aus der Erde, 1: 04-2: 40].’
    • ‘That delights the band's publicist who has been telling us that this is a return to the era when album launches were hyper-expensive, orgiastic affairs that lasted all day and are still remembered.’
    • ‘Since alcohol and blood sacrifice were associated with the worship of the goddess, at times it contained an orgiastic element.’
    • ‘So, for the next 5 days my body is going to be a temple - of the kind that has fountains of blessed water, and harvest festival with organic vegetables, rather than the type with wine libations and orgiastic dancing.’
    • ‘It was also drunken frenzy which suggested to Nietzsche the ecstatic abandonment and orgiastic revelry of the ancient cult of Dionysus.’
    • ‘Other races around the world can pull bigger crowds, but not the Kentucky or Epsom Derby, the Grand National, or Japan Cup engage a country in an almost orgiastic display of shared pleasure.’
    • ‘And many might like to hear tales of the political classes decamping to the seaside for a week of fervent backstabbing, orgiastic networking and roaring drunkenness.’
    • ‘Precisely because of the anonymous, orgiastic, revolving-door-type sexuality so despised by homophobes and fundamentalist Christians.’
    • ‘True, it didn't show Tom and Nicole making love nor was the orgy orgiastic.’
    • ‘It is a stellar performance - Keith Moon's orgiastic flailing, mugging, and thrashing behind the kit leaves one utterly transfixed, and that's just a quarter of the group's dynamic.’
    • ‘It throws more and more below the poverty line each year, thus increasing the ranks of the feared ‘underclass’ who might well explode into orgiastic criminality and expropriation at any moment.’
    • ‘20-25 is really the only time you'll have for Bacchanalian orgiastic sex of the highest caliber.’
    • ‘Hot hurricane action: water crashes furiously over the sea wall, palm trees whip back and forth in an orgiastic frenzy and street signs waggle suggestively in the wind.’
    • ‘One of the relative benefits of paganism over Christianity is that paganism usually has holidays devoted to wild orgiastic excess.’
    • ‘This massive cut in taxes laid the foundations for the environment of social debauchery and orgiastic celebration of wealth that characterized the 1980s.’
    • ‘It further didn't help that all the roommate had to watch was saved episodes of Will and Grace and Sex and the City, both of which celebrate NYC with orgiastic fervor.’
    • ‘Not all critics felt the same as Walker or Ebert - Bret Easton Ellis praised Fight Club as ‘a wild, orgiastic pop masterpiece’ - but if audiences were offended, maybe they were supposed to be.’
    • ‘Yet when the film ramps up, with the underlying percussive score beginning to race like a thumping heartbeat, it explodes in an all-out orgiastic bloodletting intercut with a joyous dance sequence.’
    debauched, wild, riotous, wanton, abandoned, dissolute, depraved, bacchanalian, bacchic, saturnalian, dionysiac, dionysian
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Late 17th century: from Greek orgiastikos, from orgiastēs, agent noun from orgiazein ‘hold an orgy’.