Definition of orgasm in English:



  • The climax of sexual excitement, characterized by intensely pleasurable feelings centred in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation.

    ‘she managed to achieve an orgasm’
    mass noun ‘they don't know what it is to reach orgasm’
    • ‘While ejaculation offered proof that a man had reached climax, a female orgasm was confirmed by physiological measurements such as heart rate.’
    • ‘Thus they can engage in sexual activity and demand more and better orgasms, but the sexual activity they engage in is overwhelmingly on men's terms.’
    • ‘Although he had an orgasm and ejaculated, his erection remained hard for five hours and then subsided.’
    • ‘Many people say that the orgasm is the most pleasurable and fulfilling part of sex.’
    • ‘Hence, the aim of sexual intercourse for a male was to give the female an orgasm while avoiding ejaculation.’
    • ‘Both men and women are able to have orgasms but reaching orgasm requires a longer period of sexual arousal in the female.’
    • ‘Consuming even small amounts of alcohol interferes with a man's ability to control premature ejaculation and can result in fewer or no orgasms and decreased orgasm quality.’
    • ‘The dream is intensely erotic causing spontaneous orgasms.’
    • ‘Having orgasms should be a pleasurable, thrilling experience… they make you breathless, your whole body becomes warmly ‘buzzed’, drained and satisfied.’
    • ‘It was certainly amazing to be with him, but not because of exotic sexual positions or super orgasms.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly perhaps vibrator advertisements, whether directed at doctors or women did not mention orgasms or sexual pleasure, just the health benefits of vibration.’
    • ‘It also was felt to make erections last longer and orgasms are more intense.’
    • ‘When he wrote that a woman could only conceive if she had an orgasm during sexual intercourse, it was taken as gospel and caused all manner of anxieties.’
    • ‘To limit sexual satisfaction to orgasms is narrow minded, when, as any gal knows, there are lots of different types of fun to be had, and of differing degrees of satisfaction at that.’
    • ‘The orgasm occurs slightly before ejaculation.’
    • ‘Premature ejaculation (when orgasm comes on too quickly to satisfy either partner) is different from impotence.’
    • ‘My pelvic region felt more sensitive, and my orgasms felt more intense.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, for most of us women, sexual pleasure and orgasms don't just come naturally.’
    • ‘The intensity of her orgasm had nearly brought tears to her eyes.’
    • ‘The distinction arises partly because there is some question about whether female orgasms may result in an ejaculation, and partly because males can experience orgasms without ejaculation.’
    • ‘Realistcally, you're both not going to orgasm at the same time, so don't punish yourself.’
    emission of semen
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  • Have an orgasm.

    • ‘He further believed that a woman could not orgasm until the semen actually touched the walls of her vagina.’
    • ‘I river danced, I orgasmed - as a man and a woman, I shook my rubber boobs out, I modelled, I pelvic thrusted, I read peoples minds… pretty normal evening, you know?’
    • ‘Because, really, how else are men going to learn the earth-shattering news: Most women don't orgasm through intercourse, and oral sex is probably your best bet if you want to make us come!’
    • ‘A male friend told me he becomes more emotionally attached to the woman he's looking at when he orgasms - he didn't like porn so much for this reason, because it took away from the connection of a real relationship.’
    • ‘Intercourse is perceived to be a ‘natural’ means to orgasm for male heterosexuals, but it is more problematic for heterosexual women.’
    • ‘Pink Hair gushed at how the audience was supposedly orgasming over it.’
    • ‘I almost spontaneously orgasmed at the feel of the car purring along the road.’
    • ‘Our basic biology, for instance, our sensory range, our language capacity, our ability to feel pain, to love and to orgasm - all of these cut across cultural blocs and political coalitions.’
    • ‘You always have to orgasm and if not, something is wrong with you.’
    • ‘Lest we forget, it is quite possible for men to orgasm without ejaculation.’
    • ‘Or that it requires more effort for both women to orgasm together.’
    • ‘I mean, we've spent the night together, had sex, orgasmed more or less simultaneously.’
    • ‘Tommy was apparently doing a good job as Meagen orgasmed only minutes after I arrived at the door.’
    • ‘I have told him that women can orgasm without coming, but he says he needs to ‘see it to believe it.’’
    • ‘The Scandinavians, it seems, have problems as only 10 percent of Finns orgasm, only eight percent of Swedes and the Icelanders also have a chilly time of it.’
    • ‘But if you are regularly exercising your pubic muscles and practising how to orgasm without ejaculate, it will eventually become second nature.’
    • ‘Ruckil was practically orgasming as he pushed the detonator.’
    • ‘It is often triggered by a sudden change of position, is worse in times of stress and can happen during sex, particularly when you orgasm.’
    • ‘Women take an average of 20 minutes to orgasm from oral sex, Gallant informs us, give or take half-an-hour.’
    • ‘My boyfriend and I have sex almost daily, and typically multiple times a day, and I've never ejaculated or orgasmed while he is inside of me.’
    • ‘And every artery in my body orgasmed from the rush of fat and cholesterol.’
    • ‘Because I've never seen someone look quite so surprised when they orgasmed before.’
    • ‘To make it far harder for a women to orgasm means that her male partner needs to know her very well and probably spend a lot of time with her, maybe years with her.’
    • ‘Our expectation was that orgasm would lead to greater total recall error by producing greater overestimation.’
    • ‘I have a lot of customers who come in here and they haven't orgasmed in 25 years of marriage.’
    • ‘She orgasms like this and settles back down again laying on top of my chest.’
    • ‘The findings suggest the failure of some women to orgasm regularly is not a dysfunction, but a sophisticated mate-selection strategy that evolved during prehistoric times.’
    • ‘The British music press - who had barely finished lighting cigarettes after orgasming over The Strokes, The White Stripes and The Hives - fell in love all over again.’
    • ‘When she gets in a bikini and washes a car, people don't have enough time to complain because they've already orgasmed like eight times.’
    • ‘Whenever I orgasm after drinking I have a terrible burning sensation while urinating, along with the feeling that I constantly have to pee.’
    • ‘Yeah, and in case you've got any doubts: ‘Nothing is more glorious then hearing the trumpet of a goose when he orgasms!’’
    • ‘There are other benefits, too - studies have shown that women who orgasm frequently during pregnancy are more likely to have easy deliveries.’
    • ‘More recent studies demonstrated that the ability to orgasm does not appear to depend on the level or completeness of injury.’
    • ‘Masters and Johnson define premature ejaculation as the inability to delay ejaculation long enough for the woman to orgasm fifty percent of the time.’
    • ‘I used to feel like a total freak; the studies I've seen say that about 1/3 of women are actually able to orgasm from penetration alone.’
    • ‘That is, it controls the most base, primal part of ourselves, our sex drive and the physical/psychological urge to orgasm, and focuses it.’
    • ‘Being a good lover does not mean doing sexual acrobatics or being able to orgasm a half dozen times.’
    • ‘Do you leak urine during sex, particularly when you orgasm?’
    • ‘Genital surgery as young children that was not personally consented to often causes compromised genital sensation and inability to orgasm, and functional damage can give rise to feelings of loss of body ownership.’


Late 17th century: from French orgasme, or from modern Latin orgasmus, from Greek orgasmos, from organ ‘swell or be excited’.