Definition of organometallic in English:



  • (of a compound) containing a metal atom bonded to an organic group or groups.

    • ‘In working with organometallic compounds, for example, he placed the metal atom at the center of a geometric figure (such as a cube) and surrounded it with other atoms, ions, and groups of atom at the corners of the figure.’
    • ‘Metal carbonyls are organometallic compounds where one or more of the metal ligands are carbon monoxide.’
    • ‘It contains his personal recollections of some of the exciting developments in transition metal organometallic chemistry over the last half-century to which he contributed.’
    • ‘An organometallic compound is an organic compound in which a metal atom is attached directly to a carbon, with the exclusion of metallic salts of organic acids.’
    • ‘Ziegler was researching organometallic compounds (carbon compounds that contain metals) and their effects on polymerization reaction.’