Definition of organized religion in English:

organized religion

(also organised religion)


mass noun
  • A structured system of faith or worship, especially one followed by a large number of people, such as Christianity, Islam, or Judaism.

    ‘governments held the view that state authority benefited from the support of organized religion’
    count noun ‘he believed in God but he had no interest in joining an organized religion’
    ‘the emergence of organized religions’
    • ‘In online interviews, some point to a feeling of alienation from mainstream organized religion.’
    • ‘I find his defiance of organized religion thought-provoking and inspiring.’
    • ‘The major organized religion in Bulgaria is Eastern Orthodox Christianity.’
    • ‘They are not joining political parties, labor unions, organized religions, or professional organizations.’
    • ‘Unlike today, most organized religions reported on in 1983 were reluctant to embrace gay people.’
    • ‘The unspoken assumption is that personal morality stems solely from the dogma of organized religion.’
    • ‘Marriage practices vary throughout Togo according to the ethnic group, though organized religions and the State have altered the ceremonies of even the most secluded villages.’
    • ‘Because I'm not attached to any organized religion, the idea of marriage isn't particularly important to me.’
    • ‘I was raised to be highly suspicious of any organized religion.’