Definition of organized crime in English:

organized crime

(also organised crime)


mass noun
  • Criminal activities that are planned and controlled by powerful groups and carried out on a large scale.

    ‘the new leaders are determined to tackle corruption and organized crime’
    • ‘Through his interaction with these men, he began to question his involvement in the drug trade and organized crime.’
    • ‘This is a clear indication of the growing international concern about organized crime.’
    • ‘For example, in the United States organized crime gangs have used pizza parlours to mask proceeds from heroin trafficking.’
    • ‘Money laundering is run by organized crime and the powers that oversee drug trafficking.’
    • ‘Crucial components of the project include an all-out drive to confront organized crime.’
    • ‘The spread of organized crime has benefited from three recent trends.’
    • ‘Any serious war on narcotics trafficking and money laundering has to open a war on organized crime.’
    • ‘Prohibition led to gangland warfare and a permanent plague of organized crime.’
    • ‘We must take concrete steps to combat corruption and organized crime.’
    • ‘The columnist exposed leaders of organized crime in Dublin and was shot to death in 1996.’
    • ‘Drug trafficking is responsible for an estimated 30 to 40 percent of organized crime revenues.’