Definition of organization man in English:

organization man


  • A man who lets his individuality and personal life be dominated by the organization he serves.

    ‘he was an uncomplicated, well-meaning organization man’
    • ‘No organization man, he feels spiritually buried in an institution whose roots and purposes often strike him as dubious, at best.’
    • ‘Companies searching for the ideal organization man would sometimes insist on interviewing applicants' wives.’
    • ‘Being an ‘organisation man’ unable to compartmentalise his life, he seems to measure all aspects of life - leisure, home and friends - in terms of how well they blend with work.’
    • ‘Business was no longer about the organization man but about expressing yourself.’
    • ‘Peter switched from semi-drunk music lover to semi-drunk organization man.’
    • ‘But with the man back in charge, were we all forced to stop jay-walking, or dress up in grey flannel suits, or become inner-directed organisation man, or to listen to muzak all day long?’
    • ‘The rest of the book moves in a coherent fashion through the use of the corporate vehicle by American ‘robber barons,’ 1920s corporate managers, 1950s ‘organization men,’ to 1970s conglomerates and 1990s networked companies.’
    • ‘Beyond the hipster and the organization man, above the sociologist and the psychiatrist, 1950s Catholicism seemed to offer a possibility of intellectual seriousness and artistic richness.’
    • ‘We were presented in the 1950s with the picture of William Whyte's ‘organisation man’ devoted to his bosses and his company.’
    • ‘To have any hope of understanding him, you have to see him as the ultimate organization man he truly is.’
    • ‘The new economy, the mantra went, would celebrate individuality, workplace democracy and creativity over the old economy mind-set that put a premium on the organisation man, corporatism and sheer size.’
    • ‘It was the era of centralized offices, of the rise of the technocrats, the managerial class, the organization man.’
    • ‘The organization man: when you're responsible for everything from beans to bullets and beyond, it helps to have an organized mind’
    • ‘He is a symbol of the organization man, of the alienated bureaucrat for whom men, women and children have become numbers.’
    • ‘You were very accurate about the organization man, but you didn't have a lot to say about small business and the entrepreneurial revolution.’
    • ‘Part of the appeal is that ‘organisation men and women’ - the military, for example - don't have to care.’
    • ‘As able an organization man as he was a journalist, he made Time Inc. his own.’
    • ‘Though he labors hard to be a decent guy, his lack of imagination reveals him as little more than an organization man.’
    • ‘The ‘organisation man’ is not aware that he obeys, he believes that he only conforms with what is rational and practical.’’
    • ‘In the 1950s, the organisation man was told to find what the marketplace wants and supply it.’