Definition of organization chart in English:

organization chart


  • A graphic representation of the structure of an organization showing the relationships of the positions or jobs within it.

    • ‘We hear that the Japanese manufacturer will operate structural changes again and at least one of the above five people will be dropped from the organisation chart.’
    • ‘One, you do not improve an organization by moving around the boxes on an organization chart.’
    • ‘The alternative to having an organization chart often is to stumble along with confused and disgruntled people.’
    • ‘He handed her an empty organization chart and told her to start filling it.’
    • ‘Leaders have to make sure that the guy at the bottom of the organization chart gets it.’
    • ‘The main reason is because the purpose of an organization chart is precisely to map out areas of management responsibility.’
    • ‘The organization chart may show you have one boss.’
    • ‘I emailed her after just finishing an organisation chart.’
    • ‘This isn't some linear organization chart I'm talking about here.’
    • ‘I've always had a relatively flat organization chart, with six or seven people reporting directly to me.’
    • ‘But this is a function of policy and the priority officials place on their agencies cooperating with each other, not how boxes are arranged on an organization chart.’
    • ‘On an organization chart he reports to a board, but on the firing line he oversees the corporation with unquestioned efficiency.’
    • ‘The first hint of this came in a famous 1967 study of British civil service workers, which found that, within a given office mortality rates would increase, step by step, as one moved down the organization chart.’
    • ‘According to the bank's organization chart, the president reports to the board, which retains all authority to make decisions.’
    • ‘At the top of the organization chart stands your manager.’
    • ‘There's a gaping hole in our organisation chart between them and the section of senior management responsible for the area.’
    • ‘For over a month I had tried to get the organization chart altered to reflect the fact that the policy group had over half a dozen people working on it, many with Ph.D.'s.’
    • ‘The meeting's agenda was simple enough: map out an organization chart.’
    • ‘We examined such archival information as organization charts, company brochures, formal new product development procedures, project planning documents, and project information.’
    • ‘An organization chart, which shows organizational, command, and supervisory chains, should be included in the submission because it addresses command and control and operating relationships.’


organization chart