Definition of organigram in English:


(also organogram)


  • another term for organization chart
    • ‘He said critical posts at middle and lower levels had not yet been identified as the department was busy placing existing staff in posts according to the organogram which was drawn up in August 2004.’
    • ‘In the statement Chikane states: ‘The Office of the President reiterates that these ‘organograms’ are among the documents that Judge Heath refused to make available to the Minister of Justice.’
    • ‘Meetings are held, organograms are drawn, memos are sent out and perhaps the paperwork gets done faster and costs diminish.’
    • ‘A new organogram provides for posts of three additional staff members but those have not yet been filled.’
    • ‘Goqwana also announced that the filling of critical posts and the realignment of the department's organogram had benefited the department.’
    • ‘What is this, some kind of corporate organogram?’
    • ‘Anyway, what informs these appointments when the institution does not even have an approved organogram?’
    • ‘Mbeki reiterated the organogram he referred to in a televised address last week was part of documents in Heath's possession.’
    • ‘Key aspects here are the political structure and the degree of organisation, which are both closely related to each other: there are projects (such as Debian) which has a clearly laid out organogram.’
    • ‘For Slow Food, Alice is an international vice president and member of the president's council, according to the group's organigram.’
    • ‘The report accuses the unions of ‘possible collusion’ with managers in the department, delaying a new organogram and post provisioning.’
    • ‘He said the creation of a full-time post for a person to consult and review any transactions with potential VAT implications was being proposed for the municipal organogram.’
    • ‘The problem has been aggravated by the planned implementation of a new organogram.’
    • ‘Swiegers said this week, he presented the meeting with an organogram indicating how he sees panelbeaters, spare part dealers and service stations joining the MIF to extend its membership to all players in the automotive industry.’
    • ‘Eastern Cape municipal employees are currently postless and must reapply for their posts after the new municipalities and stakeholders design their staff organograms, Mlokoti said.’
    • ‘We collected evidence on the changing nature of the university reporting structure, as well as its various organigrams over the years, but those did not produce much of significance.’
    • ‘Maclean said it was normal during change that people became defensive and concerned about their positions but there was no definite organogram yet.’


1960s: from organization + -gram.