Definition of organic chemist in English:

organic chemist


  • An expert in or student of the branch of science that deals with carbon compounds.

    ‘structural formulas are exceedingly important to organic chemists’
    • ‘He described his wife as an "organic chemist and bio-chemist by trade".’
    • ‘An organic chemist brings his general skills and knowledge as an organic chemist to the task, but he cannot be expected to know the contents of review articles.’
    • ‘Organic chemists routinely use this reagent.’
    • ‘The demand for organic chemists trained to PhD level remains constant.’
    • ‘There are several qualities that we organic chemists admire about carbon.’
    • ‘As an organic chemist with a major pharmaceutical company, he was on a good salary, developing a new generation of drugs by synthesising molecules found in nature.’
    • ‘Organic chemists support the flavor business in at least two fundamental ways.’
    • ‘By the end of the year, I knew that I wanted to be an organic chemist.’
    • ‘Benzene is the favorite target of organic chemists.’
    • ‘He became the greatest organic chemist in France.’