Definition of organ bank in English:

organ bank


  • A place where bodily organs for transplantation are stored.

    ‘the heart had been frozen by doctors in liquid nitrogen and stored at an organ bank’
    • ‘He helped establish the organ bank.’
    • ‘The heart valves, cornea, blood vessels and other connective tissue have been retrieved and stored at the institute's organ bank.’
    • ‘Federal rules require organ banks to disclose "any known or suspected" infectious conditions that might be transmitted by the donor organs.’
    • ‘The organ survival rate for organ-bank kidneys was lower: 70 percent.’
    • ‘Martha wrote to the family of the donor, via the organ bank, but she never heard back.’
    • ‘He suggested that all citizens covered by the social medical insurance programme be automatically registered as organ donors, thus greatly expanding the organ bank.’
    • ‘The organ bank already had firm policies in place that should have prevented what happened.’
    • ‘In consideration of the prohibition against desecrating the body, it is forbidden to simply donate to an "organ bank," where there is no specific, immediate recipient.’
    • ‘He recently wondered if robot cars, being so safe, will cause the donor organ bank to empty out for good.’
    • ‘Boffins in America are seeking to develop technology which will allow human parts to be frozen indefinitely in organ banks for use in on-demand transplants.’