Definition of orderly in English:



  • 1Neatly and methodically arranged:

    ‘an orderly arrangement of objects’
    • ‘This is helped by the orderly arrangement of The Square and the very good developments of roadside verges on the approach roads.’
    • ‘When I passed through Williton on my way to the railway station in Taunton early this afternoon the Shell garage was the focus of an orderly queue of vehicles waiting in line for their turn at the pumps.’
    • ‘You would have seen the six armies, arranged in orderly fashion in the huge courtyard.’
    • ‘I want to see an orderly set of arrangements, and the Crown manager is the person who is able to focus on that.’
    • ‘Yes girls, you should be forming an orderly queue.’
    • ‘Thoughts and perceptions must be arranged in an orderly sequence of ideas.’
    • ‘This crystalline structure is an orderly arrangement of ions known as a crystal lattice.’
    • ‘If the internal structure is formed in an orderly crystal arrangement, then the breaks will occur along the planes of the internal crystal structure.’
    • ‘I can arrange them in an logical and orderly fashion in my mind.’
    • ‘Who came up with the fatuous idea of getting drunken hooligans to form orderly queues at cash points across Britain?’
    • ‘Anyone interested should form an orderly queue somewhere that won't get in the way of everybody else.’
    • ‘Many common solids are crystalline, which means that their molecules are arranged in an orderly pattern that resembles a three-dimensional grid.’
    • ‘Quasicrystals are unusual metallic alloys whose atoms are arranged in orderly patterns that are not quite crystalline.’
    • ‘An x-ray crystallographic picture of quartz would show atoms arranged in an orderly, periodic sequence.’
    • ‘An asexual adult colony is made up of just two cell types arranged in an orderly pattern.’
    • ‘Our hope is that the new management will maintain order and have minibus drivers queue in an orderly fashion for their passengers.’
    • ‘Reducing the example to just two balls would make the odds of an orderly arrangement occurring more likely.’
    • ‘Rather, you should make suitable arrangements to ensure an orderly transition, when this is appropriate.’
    • ‘The queues to honour the Queen Mother's death were good-natured and there can hardly have been a more thoroughly British expression of sympathy than the orderly queue.’
    • ‘The cell spaces are also orderly in their arrangement, unlike typical periosteal tissue.’
    neat, tidy, well ordered, in order, trim, in apple-pie order, as neat as a new pin, spick and span, well kept, straight
    well organized, organized, efficient, businesslike, methodical, systematic, careful, meticulous, punctilious
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    1. 1.1 (of a person or group) well behaved:
      ‘the crowd was quiet and orderly’
      • ‘Despite what the wad of gum always stuck between Dee's teeth might tell a person about her, Dee was one of the cleanest and mostly orderly people I've ever met.’
      • ‘These, then, enabled the people to be orderly and disciplined, even selfless, and lead a peaceful existence.’
      • ‘You are methodical and orderly, solving problems logically, and wasting little time on superficial matters.’
      • ‘He was a very neat and orderly person and although he enjoyed romping about, he normally dressed impeccably.’
      • ‘Since they didn't say so and only asked people to be orderly, it can be taken that this march will be allowed.’
      • ‘He was always orderly, but adventurous at the same time and believed strongly in dressing for success.’
      • ‘Once help arrived, people would have been orderly.’
      • ‘Would we always have been able to find an orderly set of three people?’
      • ‘Inspector Mooney said the 15,000 or so people who used the camping facilities were also very orderly and they were called out to a small number of minor incidents at the site.’
      • ‘They are orderly, diligent and respectable within their own conventions, as in his two pictures of peasant weddings.’
      • ‘He was so orderly and disciplined that it didn't make sense for him to not be right on time.’
      • ‘Any neat and orderly person would consider it a disaster, but King Dordig was no such person.’
      • ‘Another whose calls I always welcomed was a young civil servant in the Board of Trade, an orderly man whose remarks and replies were brief and to the point.’
      • ‘I'm not an orderly person in the lab, and it doesn't look like that's going to change.’
      • ‘Wong said there was no chaos during the disruption of service and passengers were orderly.’
      • ‘A small, neat and orderly man, he became a journeyman tailor but lost his job when the new tailors' union went on strike in 1834.’
      • ‘But she does nevertheless enjoy much respect for representing a rather stiff, formal, orderly Britain that many people are sad to have lost.’
      • ‘Akbar said he would allow such rallies provided they were orderly and held within the confines of the law.’
      • ‘One of the things that makes an orderly demonstration turn into a melee, is when people aren't orderly, and when the police actually fear a melee.’
      • ‘In Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of Sumatra and a main delivery point for aid, relief centers operated out of tents and passed out boxes of supplies to orderly crowds, the report said.’
      well behaved, law-abiding, disciplined, peaceful, peaceable, non-violent, controlled, restrained, civilized, well mannered, polite, courteous, decorous
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  • 2Military
    [attributive] Charged with the conveyance or execution of orders:

    ‘the orderly sergeant’
    • ‘Michael quickly rose through the ranks as orderly sergeant, first lieutenant and captain.’


  • 1An attendant in a hospital responsible for the non-medical care of patients and the maintenance of order and cleanliness.

    • ‘Within health care, the percentage reporting job strain was highest among the occupational group defined by nursing assistants, orderlies and nursing attendants.’
    • ‘About 230 food staff and orderlies at four Auckland hospitals held a 48-hour strike on July 18.’
    • ‘The rest of the morning I accompany Manuel, an orderly who treats patients with tuberculosis.’
    • ‘In 1977 I was a hospital orderly in Kings County, right here in Brooklyn, New York.’
    • ‘He spent two years as an orderly at a base hospital in Normandy.’
    • ‘I was a dishwasher in Paris and a hospital orderly in London.’
    • ‘Hospital cleaners, orderlies and support staff met last week and agreed to a union and management request not to go on strike.’
    • ‘The enlisted men had been trained in Philadelphia hospitals and served as orderlies in wards, ORs, laboratories, and x-ray departments.’
    • ‘There was a hospital orderly in the elevator and they politely smiled at each other and Carla continued.’
    • ‘James Dreyfus played Edna's administrator and Kevin Lloyd and Seeta Indrani appeared briefly as hospital orderlies.’
    • ‘Mary Conboy is a ward orderly in Sligo General Hospital.’
    • ‘The man steps out of the shadows and reveals himself to be a hospital orderly.’
    • ‘Instead he was given a job as a hospital orderly, being paid £8.40 a week.’
    • ‘In the middle of the procession, a hospital orderly pushed a wheelchair.’
    • ‘The hospital orderlies took Christina and the nurse handed him a stack of papers to fill out.’
    • ‘Most worked in Mediterranean Europe as household servants, hospital orderlies, garbage collectors, or in similar menial positions.’
    • ‘One of the orderlies looked up from attending to a group of kids, a well-built male who towered over Sean by about half a foot.’
    • ‘The agreement covers staff working in various roles such as orderlies, patient care assistants, kitchen staff, catering attendants and gardeners.’
    • ‘Not only chambermaids but hospital orderlies will feel for their predicament.’
    • ‘Marty ‘Blue’ Barbone had a spy, an orderly at the hospital where his unconscious landlord lay.’
  • 2A soldier who carries orders or performs minor tasks for an officer.

    • ‘The orderly of Company G was there and had a sword in his hand and offered it to the accused and asked ‘is that yours?’’
    • ‘His orderly, still unhurt, helped him into a shell hole, cut his trousers and bandaged Patton's wound.’
    • ‘They had served in the field as nurses and ambulance drivers and performed military support roles as cooks and orderlies, clerical workers, telephonists, and signallers.’
    • ‘On 7 November 1919 barrack orderlies were instructed to carry revolvers.’
    • ‘He established guards for his artillery trains and directed that a liaison orderly be sent from each battery to brigade headquarters.’