Definition of orderless in English:



  • Lacking organization or order.

    ‘haphazard, orderless results’
    • ‘Ideas are supposed to beget ideas in these musical phrases, but all too often orderless complexity begets only numbness of the mind.’
    • ‘Scientists continue to find order and purpose in an orderless and purposeless universe which can nonetheless produce structures of great beauty.’
    • ‘It's made the world orderless and boundless and ubiquitous, being able to touch every corner of the earth and communicate freely.’
    • ‘This is simply how we do things, orderless, curiously herd-like in our individualism.’
    • ‘Must the emerging borderless world of economic globalization also be a superficial and orderless world?’
    disorderly, disordered, unorganized, mixed up, jumbled, muddled, untidy, messy, cluttered, chaotic, confused, topsy-turvy, haphazard, random
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