Definition of Order Paper in English:

Order Paper


Canadian, British
  • A paper on which the day's business for a legislative assembly is entered.

    • ‘This means that the report will be on the Order Paper for debate next sitting day, after questions and any urgent debate.’
    • ‘There were two questions on the Order Paper today to the Minister of Police and one to the Minister of Internal Affairs.’
    • ‘I do not want to have to ask Ministers to leave the Chamber, because they may have other questions on the Order Paper to answer.’
    • ‘Here he was today in Parliament, large as life, and there was not one single question on the Order Paper from the Leader of the Opposition.’
    • ‘There will be a lot of questions on the Order Paper tomorrow, because New Zealanders want to know the answer.’


  • die on the Order Paper

    • (of a bill) fail to be voted on before the end of a legislative session.

      • ‘The other is that it embody a commitment to habitat protection, provision for which was missing from the Government's last attempt at endangered species legislation, Bill C-65, which died on the Order Paper in 1997.’
      • ‘A controversial amendment to the Copyright Act that extended copyright on unpublished works of authors who died before 1948, died on the order paper.’


Order Paper