Definition of Orcadian in English:



  • Relating to the Orkney Islands or their inhabitants.

    • ‘Peter St John, the affable 9th Earl of Orkney, is striding through Lower Fort Garry, a fortress built by Orcadian masons.’
    • ‘A painting by an Orcadian art student has been chosen to hang in the British Airways Executive Lounge at Edinburgh Airport.’
    • ‘The Orkney side are hoping for a large number of exiled Orcadian rugby fans, living in or around Stirling, to turn up and show their support on the day.’
    • ‘The Orcadian reporter Lorraine Shearer was named Journalist of the Year at the Highlands and Islands Media awards in Nairn on Friday night.’
    • ‘His first rival, however, was Duncan II, Malcolm's eldest son by his Orcadian wife Ingibiorg.’
    • ‘At the head of the project is student Vicky Morrison who said that the idea for an Orkney week came from an Orcadian member of staff.’
    • ‘A body set up by the fish farming industry, Food Certification Scotland Limited, has now started certifying Orcadian salmon farms as organic.’
    • ‘The exhibition includes original town maps used by the Pilgrims visiting temples in Indian cities and drawings of early Orcadian settlements.’
    • ‘A Neolithic long cairn of a previously unknown design has been discovered at Berstness on the Orcadian island of Westray.’
    • ‘A week long tribute to the Orcadian film maker Margaret Tait is under way at the Edinburgh Film Festival.’
    • ‘An Orcadian fisherman has received an award recognising his personal contribution to the UK's seafood industry.’
    • ‘An Orcadian writer has received £3,000 from a national arts council, allowing her to devote more time to her writing.’
    • ‘John Malam recalls finding Orcadian relics in an Essex junk shop’
    • ‘An Orcadian engineering student has won a scholarship for his success at university.’
    • ‘An exhibition on the life of Orcadian film pioneer James Petrie Chalmers opened on Monday in the Orkney Museum, Kirkwall.’
    • ‘The former home of Orcadian writer George Mackay Brown was expected to have a new owner from Friday.’
    • ‘Two Orcadian pals have taken to the skies to raise money for charity this weekend.’
    • ‘Young Orcadian carer Emily Gordon has been selected to act on stage in Glasgow after taking part in a five-week drama course.’
    • ‘Its annual festivals, both arts and science, I take for granted; its new buildings in Kirkwall and Stromness are typical of Orcadian enterprise.’
    • ‘The main outcrops of the Orcadian sedimentary basin occur in Caithness and the Orkneys.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Orkney Islands.

    • ‘The devastation caused by the colossal Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami among island communities on the other side of the world has prompted a series of fundraising events by Orcadians.’
    • ‘A new website from a Caithness based pilot is providing Orcadians with views of the country from a dramatically different angle.’
    • ‘But the Orcadian's involvement with his new hosts did not stop at teaching them farming and fishing skills.’
    • ‘Mr Wallace had written to the Minister raising the concerns of Orcadians and reminding her that Orkney patients used the hospital.’
    • ‘The Scottish average was 7.3, which shows Orcadians are among the most active in the country.’
    • ‘A spectacular meteor shower in the Orkney skies on Monday night ended in numerous calls to the coastguard and police from concerned Orcadians.’
    • ‘Currently, Orcadians enjoy a near first class service - next day delivery - for all letters locally - even if only covered by a second class stamp.’
    • ‘Keith Oddie, an Orcadian, notched up 19 points for the away side.’
    • ‘Over 3,000 young Orcadians can look forward to all kinds of activities as the Orkney Islands Council picks up £202, 801 from the New Opportunities for PE & Sport programme.’
    • ‘Hands on Orkney's Past allows visitors to try their hand at various activities linked to Orkney's past, including identifying famous Orcadians, reconstructing pottery, identifying mystery objects.’
    • ‘Lesley McKeown from Shapinsay has made it her mission to share the faith with willing Orcadians.’
    • ‘Again, so many Orcadians circle around and pile on behind me that without moving a step I'm near the middle of the scrum.’
    • ‘But it has always been an important part of Scottish life, as the hundreds of Orcadians who travelled the world on board Hudson Bay Company ships and generations of dock workers in Govan would testify.’
    • ‘Many of its post-war cultural initiatives owe their success to the rich chemistry between those who have come to live there and the native Orcadians whose potential they have helped to realise.’
    • ‘The latest study into the genetic heritage of Orcadians has confirmed a distinctly Scandinavian influence, with the make-up of their Y-chromosomes very similar to that of modern Norwegians.’
    • ‘Scots are Glaswegians and Orcadians and Gaels as well.’
    • ‘The new owners of the Trumland estate in Rousay are appealing to Orcadians to help them restore the mansion to its former glory.’
    • ‘For young male Orcadians, some in their teens, setting off to work for the HBC was an opportunity to escape a place where land was in short supply and the population twice the level of today.’
    • ‘As audiences dwindle everywhere else, Orcadians of all ages are jostling for tickets.’
    • ‘Transport costs and the islands' small population have meant Orcadians rarely see such companies at local venues.’


From Orcades, the Latin name for the Orkney Islands, + -ian.