Definition of orb-web spider in English:

orb-web spider


  • A spider of a kind that builds orb webs. Many species are large and brightly coloured, and wait either in the centre of the web or in a retreat at the edge.

    • ‘The best data to date are probably those of Smith, who directly measured flying insect abundance near colonies of orb-web spiders and found that aggregations occurred in areas of high prey availability.’
    • ‘For instance, the nocturnal orb-web spider locates artificial light sources and constructs webs close to these lights, which also attract high numbers of flying insects.’
    • ‘The Golden Orb Web Spider is not the largest spider, but makes the largest and strongest web.’
    • ‘Here, we investigate the adaptive value of cannibalism in the orb-web spider Nephila plumipes where 60% of males do not survive copulation.’
    • ‘In winter, it is the only orb web spider that continues to make webs.’