Definition of orally in English:



  • 1By means of speech; verbally.

    ‘the terms were orally agreed’
    ‘this decision was communicated orally to the chairman’
    • ‘After all participants completed the experiment, they were debriefed orally during a class session and in writing.’
    • ‘Also, a small amount of written work is likely necessary at this point to reinforce what has been learned orally up to now.’
    • ‘Because the narratives are orally transmitted, variation in content is inevitable.’
    • ‘My Lord, there is little I can add orally to the points that I set out in writing.’
    • ‘Tales of ghosts and spirits have been passed orally from generation to generation.’
    • ‘They were asked to respond orally to questions raised in the questionnaire.’
    • ‘Note: This judgment was delivered orally in court from a prepared text.’
    • ‘Because these narratives were performed orally, most of them have been lost.’
    • ‘Mr Justice Brooke directed that the application for permission should be heard orally.’
    • ‘In the main the doctors' evidence will be given orally.’
    • ‘But inevitably there are severe limitations on the complexity and volume of information that can be conveyed orally.’
  • 2By means of or through the mouth.

    ‘drugs taken orally’
    • ‘Its emphasis on topically and orally delivered drugs to treat various skin afflictions makes it one of the leading lights in this area.’
    • ‘Taken orally, it helps the body use its own insulin more effectively to control blood sugar.’
    • ‘The specification then states that the efficacy of orally administered drugs is low.’
    • ‘The child should also receive adequate fluid either orally or intravenously.’
    • ‘The recommended starting dose of eplerenone for congestive heart failure is 25 mg orally once daily.’
    • ‘Orally ingested iron may be a contributor to these deaths.’
    • ‘The patient may be sitting or supine, and the instrument can be introduced either orally or nasally.’
    • ‘It is difficult to imagine an injectable or other mode of administration competing effectively with the discretion and simplicity of an orally acting therapeutic.’
    • ‘They are given orally to poultry to help the birds fight illness and disease.’
    • ‘Gingerich et al. proposed that aspirin administered orally had a slow absorption and rapid clearance.’