Definition of or worse in English:

or worse


  • Used to suggest an unspecified possibility that is more serious or unpleasant than one already considered.

    ‘the child might be born blind or worse’
    • ‘All this uneven, hoof-holed ground makes it very easy to twist an ankle, or worse.’
    • ‘For instance, who is going to challenge them and risk having windows broken - or worse?’
    • ‘He might be hauled before the courts and given a telling off, or worse.’
    • ‘A very narrow margin might in the future give rise to tension, bitterness, or worse.’
    • ‘Better to tackle it now rather than wait until someone has been injured or worse.’
    • ‘Needless to say, it may have led to a number of people being seriously hurt or even worse.’
    • ‘I tried to counsel him that he might only get what everyone else gets or worse.’
    • ‘For those without decent jobs, it seems a huge waste of effort or worse.’
    • ‘The next step would be to arm himself with a gun and flaunt it in front of the police, or worse.’
    • ‘Such opportunities are occasionally used as a precursor for stalking or worse.’