Definition of or wherever in English:

or wherever


  • Or any similar place.

    ‘they need to keep in touch with their editors in New York or Washington or wherever’
    • ‘You can have your riots in Barcelona or wherever, but not here.’
    • ‘Well you are in China or South Korea or wherever, it is their country, they are not required to speak your language.’
    • ‘Rent seeking behavior was a typical feature of the former communist states or wherever there exists high state control.’
    • ‘All we remark upon is that the people of Australia, or Spain, or wherever, have swung to the right, or to the left.’
    • ‘It doesn't look as if anyone - in Canberra or London or wherever did much.’
    • ‘And whenever or wherever I go, there is this curiosity about what will happen next.’
    • ‘There he is in The Unicorn or The Crown or wherever in Hampstead just after his roast beef and Yorkshire pud.’
    • ‘Is seeing where everyone else is at this stage something we need to know we are okay where we are or wherever we're headed?’
    • ‘Apparently, back in Iowa, or Kansas, or wherever, that is just the way young men are brought up.’
    • ‘I absolutely hate sweaty people who sit next to me - on the bus or jeepney or wherever.’