Definition of or something in English:

or something


  • Added as a reference to an unspecified alternative similar to the thing mentioned.

    ‘you look like you just climbed a mountain or something’
    • ‘Maybe he's doing a celebrity endorsement or something in an attempt to bring them back.’
    • ‘I mean, being praised by him is like being force fed chocolate creams or something.’
    • ‘The middle stretch of poems do have slightly more narrative content or something.’
    • ‘Will was starting work in an investment bank or something the very next morning.’
    • ‘If they didn't want to give Maggie a voice they could make her a deaf-mute or something.’
    • ‘Man alive, somebody could write a blog or something about the train service around here.’
    • ‘My message to the Pub owners is that it is now time to burn essential oils or something.’
    • ‘On the front, it says something about Jesus, with a picture of a candle, or something.’
    • ‘So that you wouldn't pirate music or something, because they have a music division.’
    • ‘They laugh because they think she wants them to do dance routines or something.’