Definition of optimally in English:



  • In the best or most favourable way.

    ‘to function optimally, the body requires a large range of nutrients’
    ‘the system is not performing optimally’
    • ‘We may not lose time anymore and space has to be optimally used.’
    • ‘The goal is to help farmers optimally manage all parts of the field.’
    • ‘But this would not be a rational procedure and would not produce an optimally coherent system of beliefs.’
    • ‘The heat will help prepare your muscles for an optimally effective massage.’
    • ‘The structure is not likely to be optimally functional for this reason.’
    • ‘Needless to say, these are not policies optimally designed to attract foreign portfolio flows.’
    • ‘Class C shares would work best if you are planning to invest for a limited period, optimally no less than one year.’
    • ‘The mechanical agent uses artificial intelligence techniques to aim at optimally achieving its goal.’
    • ‘Is the product optimally designed for its possible use?’
    • ‘An agent cannot work optimally with an artist who is not committed.’
    • ‘Optimally, include the site navigation so visitors can click into various parts of your site as they wish.’