Definition of optical axis in English:

optical axis


  • 1A line passing through the centre of curvature of a lens or spherical mirror and parallel to the axis of symmetry.

    • ‘The main problem with their lens was keeping it centered around the optical axis.’
    • ‘That could lead to lenses with parallel sides and no optical axis able to focus a point image.’
    • ‘It is expressed in terms of the angle subtended between the outer rays of the beam and the optical axis, as shown in Figure 3.’
    • ‘A lamp rotates around the optical axis in a plane between the camera and the object.’
    • ‘Finally, it allows spatial resolution in the plane perpendicular to the optical axis.’
  • 2Crystallography
    A direction in a doubly refracting crystal along which a light ray does not undergo double refraction.

    • ‘Optically, the test appears to be constructed of randomly oriented grains, but in fact the crystals are highly ordered so that their optical axes are uniformly oblique to the surface of the test.’
    • ‘This type of device is to be configured in such a way that it can be used for detecting material with optical axes in various directions without requiring assembly.’
    • ‘Each region has an optical axis specified by the direction and depth of orientation of liquid crystal molecules along the surface of the liquid crystal film structure.’