Definition of opt out in English:

opt out

phrasal verb

  • 1Choose not to participate in something.

    ‘you can opt out of the state pension scheme’
    • ‘She opted out of counseling after a few sessions, some of which included her husband, and they ended up divorcing.’
    • ‘Some big merchants who opted out of the class action, including Home Depot, are still seeking damages in other suits.’
    • ‘I thought for a while that he'd opted out of voicing his opinion, just like the rest.’
    • ‘When the National Hockey League opted out of the 2005 season, I figured I might as well fill the void by playing.’
    • ‘She opted out of the merger after a year to form a sole proprietorship in Marina Del Rey.’
    • ‘Obviously if you both opted out of the exchange, this would be much less of an issue.’
    • ‘Is it any wonder Van Gundy opted out of putting this team on the floor 60 more times?’
    • ‘A little-debated provision in the 1996 welfare reform law mandates a lifetime ban on welfare and food stamps for drug offenders, although New York is one of eight states that have opted out of the ban.’
    • ‘Both candidates opted out of the public financing system for the primaries that would have limited spending to $45 million.’
    • ‘Of the 22 All Australian players chosen at the end of the season, 17 opted out of last month's series.’
    • ‘Although Jill Scott opted out of a college education for herself, she believes education is important for everybody, and that, while college is important, learning in and of itself is a life process.’
    • ‘Our nearest neighbors, Canada and Mexico, have also opted out of the coalition.’
    • ‘After the arrangements were made, Love opted out of the event altogether, as she reportedly ‘missed her plane’ from Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The most likely scenario remains that Grant, who opted out of the four years and $40 million he had left on his contract, will re-sign with the team.’
    • ‘Last spring, he opted out of football drills and chose instead to pitch for the USC baseball team, taking the hill in nine games.’
    • ‘Some participants opted out of the riverside walk and used coaches to reach the Minster.’
    • ‘This couple opted out of a traditional church wedding and instead chose a two-in-one, wedding and honeymoon combined in beautiful St Lucia!’
    • ‘I opted out of this one, as well, since I'm allergic to bee stings.’
    • ‘If the property to be repaired is a home, find out whether your community has opted out of the state's new building code.’
    • ‘Where there is no record of the deceased patient's wishes, instead of being asked to consent to donation, they would be informed that their relative had not opted out of donation.’
    1. 1.1British (of a school or hospital) decide to withdraw from local authority control.
      ‘opting out might allow schools greater freedom’
      • ‘There have also been claims that there will be a more extensive handing of power to hundreds of the most successful schools - allowing them to borrow money, set their own rates of pay and effectively to opt out of local authority control.’
      • ‘He is not against hospitals opting out and all the divisions that creates.’
      • ‘Laws which allowed schools to opt out of local authority control but still receive state funding were scrapped after devolution by the Executive.’
      • ‘The mild-mannered dentist is the former chair of the board of management at St Mary's school in Dunblane, which nine years ago became the first and only primary school to opt out of local authority control.’
      • ‘The latter were state schools that opted out of local authority control and voted to obtain funding directly from the government.’
      • ‘Even this is nowhere near as far-reaching as what is being proposed south of the Border, where schools will be able to opt out of all local authority control and take on ‘trust’ status.’
      • ‘Heads of neighbouring schools will then be told to model themselves on the academies and will be able to opt out of local authority control.’
      • ‘Primary schools, for example, will be allowed to opt out of local authority control and become ‘foundation’ schools with control of their own budgets.’
      • ‘The Education Bill will give schools greater ability to opt out of local authority control.’
      • ‘But later that year, Nun Monkton was saved from the axe by becoming the first school in North Yorkshire to opt out of local authority control.’
      • ‘They won't be able to undermine other schools opting out of local authority control at the expense of others.’
      • ‘Moreover, schools and hospitals were encouraged to opt out of local authority control, compete with one another, and manage their own budgets.’
      • ‘IDS is also proposing to get charities to take over parts of the welfare state, allow all hospitals to opt out of state control and give longer sentences to persistent offenders.’
      • ‘This is the process of allowing schools to opt out of local authority control and seek ‘grant maintained status’, being funded directly by central government.’
      • ‘The status allows hospitals to opt out of Government control.’
      • ‘If he were given the chance of opting out of local authority direct control to become a trust school, would he take it?’