Definition of oppositive in English:



  • Expressing opposition; contrasting.

    ‘the SDL and Labour had oppositive views on issues such as land’
    • ‘One gets the clear impression that popular discourse is struggling to affirm itself, to be louder and more effective in its oppositive force.’
    • ‘In most languages there are negative or oppositive verbs.’
    • ‘Critics of the state take the oppositive view that it is a deeply flawed institution.’
    • ‘The same type of information should be determined for the oppositive party if possible.’
    • ‘The president met with foreign reporters as a nationwide general strike called by oppositive politicians and supported by business and labor went into its 12th day.’
    opposite, opposed, opposing, oppositional, diametrically opposed, extreme, contrary, contradictory, antithetical, antagonistic, conflicting, counterbalancing
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