Definition of opposite number in English:

opposite number


one's opposite number
  • A person whose position in another group, organization, or country is equivalent to that held by someone already mentioned.

    ‘the agriculture minister and his Labour opposite number’
    • ‘In doing so he got away from his opposite number and was almost always in a good position to receive a pass.’
    • ‘The claim comes from the heart experts at the department of cardiovascular medicine at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital and their opposite numbers at similar hospitals in Florence and Pavia in Italy and in Gdansk, Poland.’
    • ‘The losers had a couple of points on the board before Naas got into their stride as midfielders McMahon and Rory Higgins began to get to grips with their opposite numbers Damian Campion and Eamann Coleman.’
    • ‘But industry and its leaders - both the directors and their opposite numbers in the unions - have their share of blame for this.’
    • ‘York were aggressive and disruptive when Shields had the ball and they played with freedom and passion when in possession themselves, befuddling their opposite numbers with quick interchanges and angled running.’
    • ‘Breaking the pattern is not a big deal for them, and man for man they were miles ahead of their opposite numbers.’
    • ‘He could be talking to his opposite numbers in foreign governments, who then talk to American reporters, normally also on background.’
    • ‘Smith and the rest of his pack put in a sterling effort against their opposite numbers, who are all big strong men.’
    • ‘The back row of Murray Wallace, Mark Sitch and Neil MacKenzie in particular dominated their opposite numbers.’
    • ‘Mr Gregg will be contacting his opposite numbers in Moreton, Chipping Campden, Stow and Bourton to warn them of the risk.’
    • ‘But even those bloggers who never venture into print have something in common with their opposite numbers in the traditional media: a name to besmirch, a reputation to smudge.’
    • ‘Nate Hybl could not match the accuracy of his opposite number.’
    • ‘There were some pundits who feared that England's front three would come to Murrayfield and wipe the floor with their opposite numbers.’
    • ‘His opposite number just bemoaned the fact that his side's positive media coverage would be coming to an end.’
    • ‘The foundation was the solid performance of the pack who were on top of their opposite numbers throughout.’
    • ‘I've ceased to be Prime Minister and we shall therefore no longer be opposite numbers at the table.’
    • ‘But when Mr Joyce went to meet his opposite numbers at their fire station in Basra, he experienced a shock.’
    • ‘The county emergency planning team and their opposite numbers in the police force who had planned to co-ordinate rescue efforts in a disaster lay in the rubble of their offices.’
    • ‘This was unfortunate as they looked stronger than their opposite numbers when in possession.’
    • ‘Main's opposite number Craig Gordon had already fumbled the ball.’
    equivalent, peer, equal, parallel, complement, match, twin, mate, fellow, brother, sister, analogue, correlative
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