Definition of opisthosoma in English:



  • The abdomen of a spider or other arachnid.

    • ‘The long rear part is the opisthosoma, which can be further divided into a broad flattened pre-abdomen consisting of seven segments, and a narrower and more cylindrical post-abdomen of only five segments.’
    • ‘The body is divided into a front part - the cephalothorax or prosoma, and a rear part, the abdomen or opisthosoma.’
    • ‘The chelicerate body plan is characterized by two tagmata, the prosoma, including head structures, and the opisthosoma.’
    • ‘The opisthosoma consists of 10 freely articulating segments, divided into a preabdomen of seven and a postabdomen of three.’
    • ‘Of the eight specimens, three are almost complete and five consist only of the prosoma and part of the opisthosoma.’