Definition of opinion poll in English:

opinion poll


  • An assessment of public opinion by questioning a representative sample, especially as the basis for forecasting the results of voting.

    • ‘A recent opinion poll found him to be the best known Scottish politician with the highest recognition rating.’
    • ‘I heard Dr Choudhary saying on the Radio that your opinion poll was questionable.’
    • ‘The opinion poll will reveal the public's verdict on what level of council tax should be set for next year.’
    • ‘The city also erected billboards around the city to inform citizens of the opinion poll.’
    • ‘It would please me never to see an opinion poll on a news broadcast ever again.’
    • ‘With all that, the wonder is that the party still had 30 percent support in the latest opinion poll.’
    • ‘A recent opinion poll found 81 percent of Londoners back tube workers taking action over safety.’
    • ‘A new opinion poll on Friday of last week again put the two left opposition candidates way out in front.’
    • ‘This is where political parties conduct a fake opinion poll in order to plant certain ideas in the electorate's mind.’
    • ‘An opinion poll last weekend showed that almost one in ten people were already prepared to support the new alliance.’
    • ‘Bad news for the Government came with an opinion poll showing that most people backed the firefighters' side.’
    • ‘A number of other civic-related questions were included in the opinion poll.’
    • ‘The vote will become even less distinguishable from an opinion poll than it already is.’
    • ‘In the absence of an opinion poll, it is difficult accurately to assess the mood.’
    • ‘But first I have to find an actual opinion poll that asks the questions I think have been asked.’
    • ‘Nearly half of teenagers quizzed in an opinion poll thought banned drugs were sold or used in Bradford on Avon every day.’
    • ‘An opinion poll indicated a decline in his popularity after the decision.’
    • ‘An opinion poll last week showed there is widespread sympathy for the strikes.’
    • ‘It is actually much worse than an opinion poll because, unlike a well designed survey, its result is biased.’
    • ‘Every opinion poll shows that the public, rightly, place far higher trust in television news than in other forms of media.’
    poll, review, investigation, enquiry, study, probe, questionnaire, sampling, census, cross-examination, quiz, research
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opinion poll