Definition of ophthalmoscopy in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɒpθalˈmɒskəpi//ˌɒfθalˈmɒskəpi/


  • See ophthalmoscope

    • ‘For children older than three years, the evaluation also should include an age-appropriate visual acuity measurement and an attempt at ophthalmoscopy.’
    • ‘He reorganized the clinical service, introducing ophthalmoscopy, photography, and microscopy.’
    • ‘He was also impressed by the new observational technique of indirect ophthalmoscopy.’
    • ‘The technical failure rate of photography is high and has been reported to be 14.4%, compared with only 2.2% for ophthalmoscopy in the same group.’
    • ‘The disease is diagnosed by ophthalmoscopy and can be classified into atrophic and exudative forms.’