Definition of operations room in English:

operations room


  • A room from which military or police operations are directed.

    • ‘Career options will be discussed weekly by visiting members of GMP including traffic, crime scene examination and the area operations room.’
    • ‘And when it comes to making sure the public is aware of what's out there, the marketing departments are at the epicentre of the operations room.’
    • ‘I just grabbed by armour and ran into the operations room wearing not very much.’
    • ‘A helicopter was launched from Amarra with orders to look for the RMPs, whose exact location was unknown to the operations room there.’
    • ‘The operations room, for example, has plenty of machinery still in place, and there is plenty to see in the engine room as well.’
    • ‘Members of the metro police and the SA Police Service are stationed at the operations room to monitor criminal activity.’
    • ‘I was standing in the operations room of a cold war bunker in York.’
    • ‘These include the medical room, the operations room (complete with massive banks of machinery and electrical kit), and accommodation areas.’
    • ‘These images appeared on large screens and individual consoles in a well-equipped operations room whose layout proved particularly well suited to the proposed plan.’
    • ‘Will Inspector Sands please come to the operations room?’
    • ‘Her accommodation has also been refurbished and her weapons systems and sensors overhauled, and Gloucester is also the first of her class to have colour, flat-screen displays in her operations room.’
    • ‘A force spokesman said the operations rooms received 1,164 calls between 10 pm and 6am the following day.’
    • ‘Each main fighter base had an operations room with maintenance and repair facilities for the planes attached to its sector.’
    • ‘‘There is a main data base computer in one of the operations rooms, but only Darren and the higher officials were allowed access to it,’ Rachel said shooting down the idea.’
    • ‘Once the party got started they really enjoyed themselves - playing with headsets in the operations room, and spending some time in the helicopter in the hangar.’
    • ‘During the course of the inspection, community beat officers expressed concern that the area operations room, based in Claytonbrook, regularly deployed them to incidents that had been reported days earlier.’
    • ‘Tours of the ship took them through the operations room and up to the bridge before they met some of the fans in the Wardroom.’
    • ‘Witnesses said soldiers also took over offices of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian legislative council, as well as a makeshift police operations room.’
    • ‘The new systems will be fitted to the bridges and operations rooms of Navy warships for the electronic planning, monitoring and recording of voyages.’
    • ‘They converted the admiral's dining room on board into an amphibious operations room.’


operations room