Definition of operating manual in English:

operating manual


  • A book giving detailed information about how something should be operated.

    ‘operating manuals for military bulldozers’
    • ‘I always read the operating manual of a new pistol before I go shooting.’
    • ‘The instructions to do so are contained in the operating manual.’
    • ‘He was just another over-hyped big guy with all the tools but no operating manual.’
    • ‘His book is both an operating manual and a cautionary tale for anyone contemplating a leap into the start-up unknown.’
    • ‘Too often, some of the finer points shown in the manufacturer's operating manual are overlooked.’
    • ‘The steps outlined in the Operating Manual seem appropriate for the purpose.’
    • ‘The department has a dedicated team which provides guidance and assistance to panel solicitors with respect to the procedures set out within the Operating Manual.’
    • ‘Always closely follow the aircraft manufacturer's operating manual procedures concerning the time in which carburettor heat should be applied.’
    • ‘The colonel was responsible for writing operating manuals for military bulldozers.’
    • ‘The car owner can now consult the operating manual right in the driver's seat through the personal communications system.’