Definition of operatic in English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of opera.

    ‘operatic arias’
    • ‘In the last few years London has seen a variety of operatic styles in contemporary opera.’
    • ‘The concert includes Mozart's Requiem, Missa Brevis, operatic arias and music for the Christmas season.’
    • ‘Yet the beauty of Bellini's arias and ensembles would leave a lasting mark on operatic history.’
    • ‘This compilation includes operatic arias and crossover songs.’
    • ‘This is the kind of soprano voice the operatic world has been praying for!’
    • ‘But she was no stranger to the operatic arias, because her parents often took her to the opera in Monaco, where she grew up.’
    • ‘This time, as well as operatic arias, Caruso included some Italian songs.’
    • ‘But I do agree with you about the exquisiteness of some operatic arias.’
    • ‘As regards choral sound, I am not sure that the developed voices of an operatic chorus are ideal in terms of sound quality.’
    • ‘But bursts of operatic arias, incessant chatter and the clatter of pots and pans give it a curiously relaxing bustle.’
    • ‘Through the difficult moments she kept herself going by listening to operatic arias or Beatles' compilations over a headset.’
    • ‘Italian solo cantatas of the late 17th and early 18th centuries contained arias on the operatic model.’
    • ‘Its range is wide indeed, from operatic aria to rock fantasy via Neapolitan love song and pop ballad.’
    • ‘Songs, arias, and operatic scenes are mixed together, and that works well too.’
    • ‘Although less well known than Britten, Tippett's operatic output was in many ways more musically varied and politically challenging.’
    • ‘It should be noted that Mozart was hardly kind when scoring the operatic arias for the full lyric soprano.’
    • ‘They also suggest enough power to take on the more popular operatic composers.’
    • ‘Her voice no longer can do what it used to do in heavy classical music, at least not in concert halls and operatic stages.’
    • ‘From the late seventeenth century the central male operatic role (primo uomo) in opera seria was sung by a castrato.’
    • ‘Other musical contributions to the truly enjoyable evening included an operatic aria by Grace Saito.’
    1. 1.1 Extravagantly theatrical; histrionic.
      ‘she wrung her hands in operatic despair’
      • ‘Barring any unexpected operatic plot twists down the road, the answer to all these queries is surely yes.’
      • ‘There is a mastery at work that elevates it from yet another crime caper to something almost operatic in scope.’
      • ‘Operatic in scale, featuring garish colours and fantastic action sequences, the film is a minor adventure classic.’
      • ‘While operatic in scale, everything in Anderson's screenplay has a natural ebb and flow to it.’
      • ‘His tempos were admirably unhurried - allowing the music to soar with almost operatic passion.’