Definition of operability in English:



  • See operable

    • ‘The priority is institutional reform in order to achieve operability, otherwise the system will collapse, as the commission did, last year.’
    • ‘We need to legislate standards for operability and stability of software so that I can spend more time blogging and less time re-formatting.’
    • ‘Vehicle manufacturers agreed, and argue now that ethanol blends of greater than 10 per cent will affect engine operability in components such as fuel lines.’
    • ‘‘The engine performed extremely well insofar as operability, stability and the way it responded to pilot commands, but the fuel burn was excessive, just as we expected,’ he conceded.’
    • ‘If the survey determines that a high percentage of the windows cannot be easily opened and closed, and that operability is a desired feature for the application, then replacement may be the best choice.’