Definition of opera singer in English:

opera singer


  • A person who sings in operas.

    ‘he trained as an opera singer’
    • ‘We were serenaded by an opera singer, accompanied on the piano by her adoring husband.’
    • ‘He went from a complete unknown to one of the most famous and well-respected opera singers in the world.’
    • ‘She used to be an international opera singer.’
    • ‘An opera singer croons in a corner, and a three-piece band plays classic melodies.’
    • ‘"I took some lessons form an opera singer to learn the techniques, the look, how to breath, the little details," she said.’
    • ‘His own father rubbished his dream of becoming an opera singer.’
    • ‘The centre offered a wonderful course for aspiring Opera singers.’
    • ‘Special music will be provided by a famous opera singer and a 100-member combined choir will sing.’
    • ‘He is too concerned with his own efforts to become a successful opera singer.’
    • ‘Many feel she could've gone to greater things as an actress, but it was as an opera singer where her passions truly lay.’