Definition of openness in English:



mass noun
  • 1Lack of restriction; accessibility.

    ‘our hallmark was openness to all comers’
    ‘the openness of the Internet makes public debate more possible’
    • ‘Though considered by some to be mere tokenism, this openness to Asians has worked to the benefit of many dancers.’
    • ‘The Dutch Government wants to promote openness for public sector information systems.’
    • ‘But strategic redistribution of resources in a way that promotes openness and collaboration could reinvigorate the organization.’
    • ‘Sadly, our relationships and marriages have also changed their form, embracing more openness, as part of modernity.’
    • ‘The research investigates the link between productivity growth and the international openness of the UK economy.’
    • ‘With our openness and inclusivity, we shall confront and overcome all the challenges facing us as a nation.’
    • ‘When the IMF demanded market openness to secure further economic aid, the nation was flooded with powdered milk and now uses it almost exclusively.’
    • ‘The index features 157 countries, ranked according to criteria such as economic openness to foreign investors, and trade policies.’
    • ‘Greater openness to trade has resulted in a vast increase in world exports and imports.’
    • ‘Greater openness to developers would be most welcome.’
    1. 1.1openness to Acceptance of or receptiveness to change or new ideas.
      ‘it is the openness to possibilities that creates great research’
      ‘total openness to all points of view’
      • ‘"There's an openness to learning about the arts here," says Morr.’
      • ‘The advantages of youth are all too visible, and they embrace energy, stamina and an openness to new systems.’
      • ‘What is new, though, is developers' openness to more high-tech green options.’
      • ‘The prerequisites for growth are the openness to experience events and the willingness to be changed by them.’
      • ‘Their openness to all kinds of influences has provided them a huge pool to tap into.’
      • ‘Folk come here because they've heard of this exciting experimentation and openness to new ideas and forms.’
      • ‘Respondents unanimously rejected maintaining the status quo, expressing instead an openness to, and a desire for, change.’
      • ‘It is not the job of this essay to instruct classical archaeologists on the need for greater interdisciplinary debate or greater openness to diverse approaches.’
      • ‘He felt that the genius of literary artists was documented in their openness to the unusual.’
      • ‘Indeed, it is this openness to new cultures and ideas - while sharing its own - that effectively defines the island.’
  • 2Lack of secrecy or concealment; frankness.

    ‘a democratic society committed to openness and transparency’
    • ‘That said, it should be borne in mind that political openness varies a great deal from one country to another.’
    • ‘The leadership has chosen to protect secrecy and abuses of power over openness, accountability and freedom.’
    • ‘He said such behaviour will decrease in society once families start encouraging more openness.’
    • ‘He convened a task force on greater CIA openness, and there was an acceleration in the declassification of records on past covert operations.’
    • ‘Political reform in the country is fostering greater openness about past atrocities but little accountability.’
    • ‘Perhaps your honesty and openness might help others to deal with their own issues and enjoy a longer life.’
    • ‘Because people in this group have offered me their openness and curiosity, I can offer them the same qualities in return.’
    • ‘A mother campaigning for openness surrounding the schools merger says questions remain unanswered.’
    • ‘Privacy activists are concerned about the lack of openness by governments on what data the chip might contain.’
    • ‘If there's anything that binds his music together it's the emotional openness of his lyrics.’
  • 3The quality of not being covered with buildings or trees.

    ‘the openness of the Western landscape’
    • ‘Our goal is to bring empty buildings back into productive use, whilst protecting the openness of the countryside and our National Parks.’
    • ‘The architects have labored to create a sense of openness about the promenade.’
    • ‘I was impressed by the dryness, the openness, and the mountains that broke from the plains.’
    • ‘A high wind is dragging a blanket of dust across the flat openness of these fields.’
    • ‘Stewart's advice: tear out most of the walls to add light and openness.’
    • ‘Whitehouse said that keeping horses in the area preserved the openness of green belt land.’
    • ‘Any new buildings would be quite modest and low level and have little impact on the openness of the country park.’
    • ‘The building is a good example of symmetrical balance, space and openness.’
    • ‘Natural light, high ceilings, and an air of openness create generous spaces for eating, drinking, and relaxing.’
    • ‘The nature of the conservation area depends on openness and large gardens.’
  • 4(in sport) a style of play characterized by action which is spread out over the field.

    ‘fitness levels have evolved to increase the speed and openness of the game’
    • ‘It was a measure of the openness of the play that the action quickly reverted to the other end.’
    • ‘He was unwilling to divulge details after the session, but later pointed out poor defending and the openness in his team's play.’
    • ‘The referee seemed to be more responsive to the openness of the game, choosing to let the play flow whenever possible.’
    • ‘There were a couple of moments against the Philadelphia Union in which the openness of the game allowed the attacking player the opportunity to make exactly those kinds of runs toward the defence.’