Definition of opening hours in English:

opening hours

plural noun

  • The times during which a shop, bank, etc. is open for business.

    • ‘And it has proved so popular the centre has now expanded its opening hours to include Saturday mornings.’
    • ‘For December and Bank Holiday opening hours please call the number, right.’
    • ‘The opening hours are a joke, only open when we are all at work.’
    • ‘Food rationing has been introduced and the opening hours of food shops limited.’
    • ‘The store will also be extending its opening hours and will be open later in the evenings.’
    • ‘People can go along to buy the waistcoats any time during normal shop opening hours.’
    • ‘Yet the Government has made it easier to get planning permission to open more pubs and is extending opening hours.’
    • ‘At one bank, the queue of would-be buyers was so long that the bank was forced to extend its opening hours.’
    • ‘Clothes and household items in good repair would be welcome and can be left at the Shop during opening hours.’
    • ‘The new facility will be available at the popular store seven days a week during the shop opening hours.’
    • ‘Shoppers will also get more time to shop with extended opening hours on a Thursday and Friday.’
    • ‘Donations of any of the above can be made during opening hours at the shop or left into any member.’
    • ‘Anyone wishing to donate items to the shop can do so during opening hours.’
    • ‘Book everything by phone and call shops to check opening hours, or how to get there.’
    • ‘Under the new regime, each bar will submit a business plan to the local licensing board including its ideal opening hours.’
    • ‘The opening hours when people can use the service are limited to daytimes during the week.’
    • ‘We were puzzled by their opening hours: it opens for lunch then shuts all afternoon.’
    • ‘These are well away from houses and if their opening hours were permitted only when the shops were closed what harm would it cause?’
    • ‘Later shop opening hours and café bars make York a more continental city.’
    • ‘It will extend opening hours in 1,000 of its 1,400 shops in time for the holiday shopping season.’


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