Definition of opening gambit in English:

opening gambit


  • An introductory remark or stratagem, especially one designed to make social contact or secure one's own position.

    • ‘I think the BPA, as a leadership, is now moving on, but its opening gambit must have been, ‘We are doing this out of a necessity that the organisation is not listening to us and is mistreating us and is not representing us properly’.’
    • ‘I captured the pawn offered in his opening gambit.’
    • ‘I rephrased my opening gambit into the more succinct, ‘Why not?’’
    • ‘Note how his opening gambit and his disclaimers would still make acceptable introductory tactics today, especially when coming from a respected scholar in the field.’
    • ‘This looks like an opening gambit rather than a take it or leave it offer.’
    • ‘This opening gambit allows the authors to suggest that the literature in this area is scant and that there are many unanswered questions.’
    • ‘The unusual opening gambit of making friends by passing toilet paper notes under a toilet partition had paid dividends for Ian.’
    • ‘It was just a thought - pretty unprocessed, an opening gambit for discussion.’
    • ‘It was the opening gambit of what is likely to become a frenzy.’
    • ‘His opening gambit was that it would improve the patient's healthcare by allowing more time in consultations.’
    • ‘I notice that her opening gambit to me included no actual question or conversation starter and I was forced to dig myself out of the hole she had dug for me.’
    • ‘We exchanged the usual opening gambits of conversation and I ventured that she looked as if she had been working in her garden.’
    • ‘It's an unusual opening gambit at what is supposed to be a formal interview.’
    • ‘A long term critic of the practical working of the Belfast Agreement, he outlines what the opening gambit of unionist negotiators should be.’
    • ‘I don't think any of us really thought we were going to get 40 per cent, but that was an opening gambit and it was a negotiable figure.’
    • ‘More aggressive and driven, they now bore down on goal with more intent than they had mustered in the opening gambits.’
    • ‘Traditionally, courts have preferred to view an advertisement as an opening gambit in future negotiations for two reasons.’
    • ‘It has, of course, been thoroughly modernized; all the adventure has been taken out of it; but the opening gambits in which a piece used to be sacrificed for the sake of early development proved unsound and therefore abandoned.’
    • ‘This is not a good opening gambit if you're selling artificial insemination, but then that's the other thing about the country: they don't get their own innate, rude, mechanical, comic irony.’
    • ‘It's a terrific opening gambit - the sound effects as the cannonballs rip through the boat bring home the frailty of their ship and the audience is fully alert from that point on.’
    advantage, upper hand, edge, lead, whip hand, trump card
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