Definition of opener in English:



  • 1[usually with modifier] A device for opening something, especially a container:

    ‘a tin opener’
    ‘a letter opener’
    • ‘Airports have brought in increasingly stringent security checks, and are confiscating everything from nail files and bottle openers to knitting needles and knives.’
    • ‘There are pin boxes, jewel boxes, ornament holders, letter racks, pen stands, stationery holders, letter openers and pens, so there should be something to please every visitor who wants to go home with a keepsake.’
    • ‘Then he lunges at me, with tweezers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, bottle openers and scissors all snipping, whirring and snapping at me in perfect synchronicity.’
    • ‘There's no bottle opener, he explains, because not many people round here drink beer.’
    • ‘He's carrying a bottle of wine. He asks me if I have a bottle opener.’
    • ‘The product range includes household knives, chef's knives, multiutility pieces with scissors, nail filers, bottle openers and butler knives.’
    • ‘Grabbing a razor sharp letter opener from the console table in the hallway she tears the envelope open and a small white card drops out into her hand.’
    • ‘I've had one letter opener seized, two Swiss army knives.’
    • ‘One East Yorkshire business snapped up a few hundred packs complete with bottle opener and glass as a festive present for clients and customers.’
    • ‘He reached over to the end table where he kept a large ceramic coffee cup crammed with every sort of writing implement, assorted combs, scissors, letter openers and other junk.’
    • ‘Any potential weapons, including nail scissors, letter openers and plastic knives, should not be placed in hand luggage, and passengers should allow extra time to check in.’
    • ‘My family has a picnic kit which includes knife, bottle opener, ‘cool bag’ and plastic plates and cups to make meals on beaches that bit nicer!’
    • ‘He almost scrabbled to open it - contemplated using a butter knife as a letter opener, but then the envelope yielded.’
    • ‘And it's available in cans, so you don't have to worry about where to keep your bottle opener.’
    • ‘You'll also find the requisite razor-sharp knife and bottle opener.’
    • ‘He pulled the plastic bag containing the letter opener out of his jacket pocket.’
    • ‘The Northern Star Literary Award, a hand-crafted pen, pencil and letter opener in a box of North Coast red cedar, will also be awarded for best entry overall.’
    • ‘But thousands of wireless devices, such as cordless phones, garage door openers and current Wi-Fi devices, operate in the unlicensed spectrum bands.’
    • ‘Looking into the fountain pen jar, she found a letter opener.’
    • ‘One's a mouth, one's a shark's tail bottle opener.’
    preliminary, overture, opening, preparation, introduction, start, beginning, curtain-raiser, lead-in, precursor, forerunner, harbinger, herald
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  • 2informal The first in a series of events, games, or actions:

    ‘Denver stuffed Buffalo 22–7 in the season opener’
    • ‘Forney started the season opener but suffered a turf-toe injury and slowly had worked his way into a backup role behind Claridge.’
    • ‘With a victory in the season opener at Daytona International Speedway, Crawford reinforced his standing as one of the premier truck competitors.’
    • ‘The stats section will debut following the season opener.’
    • ‘I enjoyed the episode but it didn't feel like a season opener.’
    • ‘When rookie SG Desmond Mason made his debut in the season opener, the Grizzlies went out of their way to go at him.’
    • ‘Making the All-Star team, standing on the mound for the fifth game of the playoffs, starting the season opener this year - it's all unbelievable.’
    • ‘A total of 49 rookie passers have started season openers since 1948.’
    • ‘Slated to start the season opener at Baltimore on Sunday night, the right-hander threw 53 of his 84 pitches for strikes.’
    • ‘He began his pro career in 2001 with the Los Angeles Galaxy, starting the season opener after impressing in preseason.’
    • ‘Boulware lists his shoulder at 70 percent but still expects to start the season opener at Pittsburgh.’
    • ‘Johnson has proven that his victory at the season opener was no fluke.’
    • ‘Bedford said in his side's last game against the Hurricanes in the season opener on April 3 the Bulls were defeated by three points, but that this time they hoped to pick up their first win.’
    • ‘Sadly of that trio only Cusiter will start the championship opener against France, with the other two still injured, but if Scotland can produce players of this calibre and character then there is hope.’
    • ‘After a busy summer, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens are getting ready for their season opener, which, incidentally, is also a world premiere.’
    • ‘He joined Rick Leach as the only quarterbacks in school history to start four season openers.’
    • ‘Webster has endured three non-finishes this season but the only time Klaffenbock has beaten him when they have both finished a race was at the season opener in Valencia, in March.’
    • ‘But even though Davies has earned the start for the season opener, this doesn't mean that Cowden won't be seeing the field.’
    • ‘The problem was not rectified for the season opener either, as starting goalie Carlo DiRienzo surrendered another four goals.’
    • ‘Mario Edwards and Izell Reese, a four-year veteran, will enter camp as the starters, but no one knows who will start the season opener.’
    preliminary, prelude, curtain-raiser, introduction, lead-in, precursor, forerunner, harbinger, herald, start, beginning
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    1. 2.1 The first goal in a match:
      ‘Bannister equalized after Armstrong's opener for Palace’
      • ‘Although the Maroons dominated, 75 minutes of the match had to elapse before the opener finally came.’
      • ‘Ryan Green fired home the opener for the Buckie, but Frannie More made the score level before half-time.’
      • ‘There was not a midfielder - holding, sitting, call it what you like - to be seen when Harald Brattbakk peeled off to score his opener from a route one punt.’
      • ‘However, play was a ding-dong battle with neither team able to make tactical offensive ploys in their quest for the goal opener.’
      • ‘But although Dundee scored the opener in their first European away tie for 27 years, it is Sartid who now progress to meet German side 1860 Munich.’
      • ‘Sodje scored the opener after 22 minutes but the Ryman Division One team drew level 12 minutes later through Rob Haworth.’
      • ‘The Pikes' version notched two goals, his opener a mazy run of which his brother would have been proud to claim as his own.’
      • ‘After settling down, St Lucia took their strides more purposefully, with the crowd spurring them on for a goal opener.’
      • ‘Arbroath were denied an opener 12 minutes into the match when George Rowe netted after picking up the rebound when Bayne hit the left post, only to have his effort ruled offside.’
      • ‘Happy Mudahar scored the opener with a deflected free-kick just before half-time.’
      • ‘The Eagles returned from the home of the league leaders with a well-earned point after a Julian Gray goal cancelled out an opener by Pompey's former England international Paul Merson.’
      • ‘He also scored the opener in Milan's 3-1 win over Celtic on match day two.’
      • ‘Veteran defender Kenny Brannigan scored the opener in the 10th minute.’
      • ‘Reece Webb's opener was followed by goals from Niall Wals and Keann Shaw.’
      • ‘Having scored a superb opener, Dargo spurned the easiest of opportunities in the 23rd minute.’
      • ‘The Blue Toons scored their opener in 24 minutes when defender Mark Simpson's miss-hit volley was headed into the net by Iain Stewart.’
      • ‘The South African also made a significant contribution in the build-up to two more of Vale's scores in an impressive opener.’
      • ‘Even better when those adversaries are also your former employers, according to Hartley, who added to his 27th minute opener with a converted penalty in the 43rd minute.’
      • ‘Ed Waterhouse bagged a hat-trick on Saturday, including a cracking opener after some incisive passing.’
      • ‘Chievo started in characteristic style launching a wave of attacks on the Roma goal and twice they went close to an early opener.’
    2. 2.2 A remark used as an excuse to initiate a conversation:
      ‘we blurted out the obvious opener’
      • ‘The posters round here tend to respond better to more detailed conversational openers than to one-liner posts.’
      • ‘My store of conversational openers seems thoroughly inadequate to the task.’
      • ‘Start with family and friends; it makes a great opener to a conversation at a social gathering!’
      • ‘Sitting down beside him, Brenna wracked her brain for a conversation opener.’
      • ‘It had been impossible to sleep after that, however, and I'd lain in bed all night, rehearsing possible conversation openers, and wondering what I was going to wear.’
      • ‘My response to his question was sort of a conversation opener and an ender.’
    3. 2.3Cricket A batsman who opens the batting.
      • ‘The main issues to be resolved are the batting order, especially the openers and the identity of the allrounders.’
      • ‘Following the fall of the openers, the batsmen dropped at an alarming rate.’
      • ‘Which isn't to say he is any less potent; his ability to dismiss top-class batsmen and high-class openers is unquestionable.’
      • ‘He was also goalie for the White Lion on Sundays for a few seasons and played cricket as a batsman, usually an opener.’
      • ‘No matter what their decisions, Lancashire must recruit at least one top-class batsman, preferably an opener, and possibly two.’
    4. 2.4Bridge The player who makes the first bid in the auction.