Definition of open water in English:

open water


mass noun
  • 1A stretch of water which is not enclosed by land, ice, or other barriers.

    ‘most Antarctic birds fly to open water north of the ice’
    • ‘The reed bed in that site was more or less continuous, only occasionally broken by 30-50 m stretches of open water.’
    • ‘Of course, they weren't in open water, and land could be seen.’
    • ‘Lining up in a rainbow of small, banana-shaped plastic boats, one by one we steered our kayaks across the angry stretch of open water.’
    • ‘Many remain as far north as there is open water through the winter.’
    • ‘The announcement will no doubt concern water on mars, ice or open water.’
    • ‘I'm afraid of water - deep water, wide water, open water.’
    • ‘The discovery of open water at the North Pole by an ice breaker cruise ship in mid-August 2000 stunned many in the scientific community.’
    • ‘At night the ship just steams away towards the bright lights of Florida and just when you think it is going to run aground on the beach you realise that you have gone between the hotels and are in a large stretch of open water.’
    • ‘We are dropped above the north side of the reef, falling in open water down a vertical wall.’
    • ‘Any waterfowl with half a brain has flown for open water.’
    • ‘Nesting areas typically have emergent vegetation to which these birds anchor their nests and open water in which they can forage.’
    • ‘Do not use inflatable airbeds or dinghies in the sea or open water.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy classifies the stretch of open water - widely regarded one of the most dangerous in the world - as ‘un-navigable’.’
    • ‘It is a mile long and the problem with any stretch of open water like this is that it is dangerous to swim there.’
    • ‘Males winter farther north than females, often as far north as there is open water.’
    • ‘These forces move the ice to create open water, even in winter, in the form of linear cracks called leads and large areas of persistently open water called polynyas.’
    • ‘Although not all water is open water, even over-flow can be unexpectedly deep.’
    • ‘In winter, some birds remain as far north as there is open water, while others move south as far as southern California.’
    • ‘I shouted, and steered away from the land, out into open water.’
    • ‘The proposals include getting ships to discharge their ballast in open water - or possibly treat the water to kill off unwanted organisms.’
    1. 1.1Canadian The melting of ice on rivers and lakes in spring.
      • ‘Doig said around the Cape Mercy area there's open water with active ice movement, and unpredictable weather.’
      • ‘The water loss the weed causes through transpiration is well above that of open water, causing reservoir and lake levels to drop faster than from evaporation.’
      • ‘Here and there, he could see a few pools of open water.’
      • ‘It was open water by mid-Sunday at the Klondike River Bridge across the Dempster Highway, 40 km south of Dawson.’
      • ‘When he came to patches of open water, he donned a special swimsuit over his winter clothes and then swam across, dragging the sled behind him.’
      • ‘Pussywillows, bicycles and open water mean that spring has officially arrived in Dawson.’