Definition of open texture in English:

open texture


  • The inability of certain concepts to be fully or precisely defined or of regulations to be exhaustive and leave no room for interpretation.

    • ‘The logically open texture of rules in application makes inevitable an element of at least implicit discretion.’
    • ‘He notes that rights arguments are open to the same analysis of open texture of indeterminacy as legal argument in general.’
    • ‘The tentative notes of a goat bell are a weak memory or prediction of his coming; and their tone, which says there is no empty space, no finally determined gesture, is the only way of measuring the long, open textures of the afternoon.’
    • ‘You can both be proud of your national legal system, but also leave it open, have open textures, so you can simply bring in good practice, if you like, best practice from elsewhere.’
    • ‘Metaphorical description, by its very suggestiveness and open texture, resists association with precisely and individually delimitable verification-conditions.’